With the pneumatic hot spray system TR 80 LCD you can apply hot melt adhesives from aluminium cartridges as contactless spray application. The device can also be dot / bead applied by simple retrofitting. The electronic temperature control with LCD display enables precise settings.

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The TR 80 LCD Cartridge Hot-Spray-System consists of the TR 80 LCD Cartridge gun and the stand with pressure regulator and manometer.

The TR 80 LCD is a hot-melt adhesive spray system. Spray application is a non-contact glue application, which means it goes easy on the materials that are about to be glued. Also, spray application allows covering great areas and using very little glue. A stand for storing with built in pressure regulator and manometer is part of the system and permanently attached to the glue gun TR 80 LCD, so setting the right glue output and spray pattern becomes very easy. The hot-melt adhesive is extruded through air  pressure. Pneumatic glue guns increase work speed and simplify exact dosing of the glue. Thanks to the built in electronic temperature regulation, the glue gun is ready to work within 3 – 10 minutes. Furthermore, it keeps the temperature on a constant level thus is a perfect suit for processing temperature-sensitive hot-melt glue. The LCD-display and push-buttons allow a precise temperature adjustment. This way, the user always knows the current  temperature of the glue applicator and is able to apply the glue at the intended temperature. The spray applicator uses 310 ml  aluminium hotmelt glue cartridges, which for instance can contain PUR-hot-melt adhesive or POR-hot-melt glue. The cartridges can be swapped easy and hassle-free. The optional cartridge pre-heater KVG heats up the glue before use and increases the possible glue output per hour. A cartridge glue gun in combination with empty cartridges lets you test and process different hotmelts within a short period of time. This is especially useful forworking in laboratories or when qualifying a new hot-melt adhesive for a big production line.


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Data Sheet

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Weight applicator1400 g
Power connection230 V (50 Hz), 2,8 A / 120 V (60 Hz), 3,3 A
Power consumption230 V: 650 Watt / 120 V: 400 Watt
Protection classI, IP 30
Temperature control, displayElectronic, digital
Temperature limitationTemperature monitor
Operating temperature50 – 210 °C (on request: max. 250 °C)
Temperature constancy± 2 °C
Heat-up timeca. 3 – 10 min.
Gross capacity310 ml
Conveyor systemAir pressure
Operating pressure0,5 – 6 bar
Length of connections (stand to handgun)4,5 m
Length of electrical connection4 m
Length connection set3 m
Stand with pressure regulator + manometeryes
Recommended melting goodsHot-melts in 310 ml aluminium cartridges


Here the suitable accessories

Kartuschenvorwärmgerät KVG LCD mit elektronischer Steuerung von 50-160 °C

Cartridge preheater KVG.LCD


  • Increase of the workflow
  • Electronic temperature control 50-160 °C
  • Preheating of 2 cartridges (310 ml)
Einwegkartuschen für Reka Kartuschenklebepistolen - ideal für Klebetests

Disposable cartridge


  • Processing of granulates in cartridge devices
  • Ideal for material tests and laboratory applications
  • Can be used with all REKA cartridge devices
Wiederverwendbare Kartusche für Reka Kartuschenklebepistolen

Reusable cartridge


  • Processing of granulates in cartridge devices
  • suitable for continuous use
  • can be used with all REKA cartridge devices
Overview of different nozzle tips for Reka glue guns

Nozzles for all applicators


  • Extensive range of nozzles
  • Different application patterns
  • Customized special constructions possible
Fußschalter für pneumatische Klebepistolen - für die Verwendung mit stationärer Einrichtung



  • Hands-free triggering of adhesive application
  • Compatible with all pneumatic Reka devices
  • Easy handling and assembly
Stationäre Einrichtung mit Ablagestativ und pneumatischer Klebepistole TR 55 LCD

Stationary equipment


  • Compatible with all pneumatic REKA applicators
  • Adhesive release via foot switch
  • Simple assembly / handling
Federzug zur Aufhängung von Reka Heißklebepistolen



  • Feather-light work
  • Freedom of movement despite weight relief
  • Compatible with all REKA applicators
Kartuschenvorwärmgerät KVG Pro ersetzt durch KVG.LCD

Cartridge preheater


  • Increase of the workflow
  • Preheating of 2 cartridges
  • Thermostat adjustable 50-160 °C
Kartuschenvorwärmgerät KVG für 2 Kartuschen

Cartridge preheater KVG.2


  • Increase of the workflow
  • Preheating of 2 cartridges
  • 125 °C Heating temperature fixed


List of documents to download concerning this product.

Nozzles for TR 80 LCD

DUE TR 80 M10

Nozzle construction TR 80 LCD

DUE Aufbau TR 80LCD

Accessories overview

PRO EN Zubehör

Operation manual TR50.5, TR55 LCD, TR60 LCD, TR70 LCD, TR700, TR80 LCD

BED EN TR Pneu 2020 01

Brochure TR 80 LCD



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Questions about the Applicator?

You have questions about the product, want to get a quote or place an order?

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