Nozzles for all applicators

Thanks to a wide variety of application heads for all glue guns, the application image can be adapted to your requirements with the appropriate nozzle.


A wide variety of application forms can be achieved by using appropriate nozzles. The complete range of nozzles as well as device-specific nozzle overviews can be found in the download area below. If the right nozzle is not available for your application, a special design is also possible.


Here you will find all downloads for the product.

Nozzles for TR70 LCD, TR700

DUE TR 70 700 M10

Nozzles for TR55 LCD + TR50 + MS200

DUE TR 50 55 MS 200 M14

Nozzles for TR 80 LCD

DUE TR 80 M10

Nozzles for TR 60 LCD

DUE TR 60 M10

Nozzles for MS 80

DUE MS 80 M12

Nozzles for MS 150

DUE MS 150 M12

Nozzle Range



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Questions about the Nozzles?

Right next to the videos you can find a button to inquire the specific nozzle.