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MS 200.E

With the mechanical glue applicator MS 200.E you can process hot melt adhesives in shape of granules, pillows or 43mm sticks. The electronic temperature protects your glue and ensures the best glue result.

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Hot-Melt Glue ApplicatorGun MS 200.E – Easy Processing of Hot-Melt without compressed air.

The MS 200.E lets you process hot-melt granulates, pillows and even 43mm sticks effortlessly and hassle-free. It doesn’t even require air pressure and thanks to the 500 watt heater it is ready to go within minutes. The comfort locking and big opening lets you fill the 250 ml tank with ease.

Thanks to the electronic temperature regulation the hot glue is kept at a precise temperature and protected against coking. This makes the MS 200.E a great tool for temperature sensitive hot-melts like PA, polyamide based glues. The adjustable temperature range is 30 to 200 degrees celsius, this enables you to apply materials with an especially low melting point like wax.

The MS 200.E is well suited to work in dusty and demanding work environments. The ergonomic handle and adjustable trigger enable a continuous workflow and is well-suited for smaller hands as well as right and left-handed people alike. The integrated magnetic foot lets you pick the applicator up and put it down in the blink of an eye and is a real time saver. A wire stand makes sure the device can also be placed securely on non-magnetic surfaces.

Combined with the reka nozzle portfolio the MS 200.E handles countless applications comfortably, powerful and professional.


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Data sheet

Weight applicator1220 g
Power connection230 V (50 Hz), 2,2 A / 120 V (60 Hz), 4,2 A
power consumption500 Watt
Protection classI, IP 30
Temperature control, displayElectronic, none
Temperature limitationTemperature monitor
Operating temperature30 – 200 °C
Temperature constancy± 2 °C
Heat-up timeca. 5 min.
Gross capacity250 ml
Conveyor systemMechanics
Length of electrical connection2,5 m
Recommended melting goodsGranulate, pillows and 43mm sticks



Here the suitable accessories

Metallablageplatte für Klebepistolen mit Magnetfuß: MS 200 und TR 500

Ablageplatte für MS 200


  • einfaches Abstellen der MS 200
  • Arbeiten ohne Standbügel am Gerät
  • Montage an Arbeitsfläche möglich
Übersicht verschiedener Düsenspitzen für Reka Klebepistolen

Düsen für alle Geräte


  • umfangreiches Düsensortiment
  • unterschiedlichste Auftragsbilder
  • kundenspezifische Sonderbauten möglich
Federzug zur Aufhängung von Reka Heißklebepistolen



  • federleichtes Arbeiten
  • Bewegungsfreiheit trotz Gewichtsentlastung
  • kompatibel mit allen REKA Auftragsgeräten
Vorschmelzbehälter VSB 40 für besonders hohen Klebstoffdurchsatz mit Reka Klebepistolen

Vor­schmelz­behälter VSB 40


  • Steigerung des Workflows
  • Thermostat einstellbar 50-150°C
  • Sticks, Granulat, Kissen, Blocks


List of documents to download concerning this product.

Prospekt MS 200.E



PRO DE Zubehör

Bedienungsanleitung MS 80 + MS 200

BED DE MS 80 MS 200 2018-09

Düsen für TR55 LCD + TR50 + MS200

DUE TR 50 55 MS 200 M14


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Questions about the Applicator?

You have questions about the product, want to get a quote or place an order?

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