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MS 200.LCD

With the MS 200.LCD, you can process hotmelt adhesives in all common shapes of 43 mm sticks, granules and pillows. For this purpose, the MS 200.LCD only requires a power connection and is ready for gluing in just a few minutes thanks to its powerful heating system. Thanks to the electronic temperature control, it processes hot-melt very gently and keeps it exactly at temperature.

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The new MS 200.LCD hotmelt gun with digital temperature display and precise temperature control

With the MS 200.LCD all kinds of regular hot-melt can be worked with: Granulates, pillows and 43 mm sticks/slugs.You only need a power supply and because of the powerful heater the applicator is ready to glue within minutes. Thanks to the electronic temperature control it processes your hot-melt the temperature is kept precisely and temperature stress is kept to an absolute minimum. The integrated temperature display makes setting, temporary lowering or increasing of the application temperature an absolute breeze. The applicator is turned on and switched off with a rocker switch. This glue gun for professionals is made for demanding applications and everyone with the goal the get the best gluing results possible. The temperature range is 30 – 205 °C (85 – 405 °F) and can be set in one-degree increments and held accurately.

That’s why the MS 200.LCD is perfect for material with a particular low melting point like wax or temperature-sensitive hot-melts like polyamide. Improvements like the comfort locking and the anti-clog lid make the MS 200.LCD fully equipped to handle even dusty and rough working environments. The magnet foot of the MS 200-series helps putting the glue gun down and picking it back up again and is a real time-saver. A 3,5-meter cable (11,5 ft) provides a wide operating range. With accessories like the extensive nozzle range or the new stand for storing the MS 200.LCD will fit your application.


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Data Sheet

Data Sheet
Weight applicator
1220 g
Power connection 230 V (50 Hz), 2,2 A / 120 V (60 Hz), 4,2 A
Power consumption 500 Watt
Protection class I, IP 30
Temperature control, display
Electronic, digital display (LCD)
Temperature limitation Temperature monitor
Operating temperature 30 – 200 °C
Temperature constancy ± 2 °C
Heat-up time ca. 5 min.
Gross capacity 250 ml
Conveyor system Mechanics
Length of electrical connection 3,5 m
Recommended melting goods Granulate, pillows and 43mm sticks


Here the suitable accessories

Nozzle selection Accessories nozzles

Nozzles for TR 55 LCD / TR 50.5 / MS 200 / MS 200.E / MS 200.LCD


Compatible nozzles for Reka glue guns TR 55 LCD, TR 50.5, MS 200, MS 200.E, MS 200.LCD
– dot / bead application

Metallablageplatte für Klebepistolen mit Magnetfuß: MS 200 und TR 500

Storage shelf for MS 200


  • Easy parking of the MS 200
  • Working without a stand bracket on the device
  • Can be mounted on work surface
Overview of different nozzle tips for Reka glue guns

Nozzles for all applicators


  • Extensive range of nozzles
  • Different application patterns
  • Customized special constructions possible
Federzug zur Aufhängung von Reka Heißklebepistolen



  • Feather-light work
  • Freedom of movement despite weight relief
  • Compatible with all REKA applicators
Vorschmelzbehälter VSB 40 für besonders hohen Klebstoffdurchsatz mit Reka Klebepistolen

Premelter VSB 40


  • Increase of the workflow
  • Thermostat adjustable 50-150 °C
  • Sticks, granules, pillows, blocks


List of documents to download concerning this product.

Brochure MS 200.LCD


Nozzles for TR55 LCD + TR50 + MS200

DUE TR 50 55 MS 200 M14

Accessories overview

PRO EN Zubehör


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