solves gluing-problems

Gluing with the hot glue gun MS 200 without compressed air

In the packaging industry, the hot-melt glue gun for glue sticks is a frequently used tool in a wide variety of applications. Hotmelt gluing solves many problems because a wide variety of materials can be bonded. It is suitable both for short-term fixation and for permanent bonding. Bondings with different strengths can be achieved with it. Hot-melt adhesives offer solutions for sealing packaging, for displaying products on displays and for securing pallets.
With the MS 200 Reka has developed the glue gun, which can process many adhesive forms on the market without compressed air, handy and fast. Thus, users have a wide range of application possibilities, both in terms of the field of application and in the selection of adhesives. Due to the feed without compressed air even the place of application can be chosen freely. The MS 200 is not only suitable for flexible application of permanently adhesive hotmelt pads or inexpensive granulates. The MS 200 makes results possible that go far beyond the possibilities of conventional embroidery machines.

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