solves gluing-problems
Did you know that with the TR 70 LCD and the cartridge preheater you can noticeably accelerate your working speed? 

Aluminium cartridges with reactive polyurethane or reactive polyolefin require a longer heating time than adhesive granules.

This is no problem if the adhesive throughput is low or a longer lead time is possible due to the process.

If it has to be faster, a solution is needed that optimally brings the adhesive up to temperature and keeps it there. However, the adhesive must not be exposed to unnecessary heat stress. The reactive adhesive otherwise unintentionally changes its properties, cures faster or loses its adhesive strength.

For this purpose Reka Klebetechnik has the cartridge preheater for 2 x 310 ml aluminium cartridges. This means that two cartridges can be preheated to approx. 125 °C at the same time.

The temperature is so far below the processing temperature that the adhesive does not suffer any damage but is close enough to be able to continue working immediately after changing the cartridges.

Reka recommends:

For dot and bead application with precise and flexible temperature control: TR 70 LCD
For spray application and optional dot and bead application: TR 80 LCD
One price-conscious dot and bead application with fixed temperature setting: TR 700