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In some applications, a wide spray application is required for large-area bonding with hot melt adhesives. This applies, for example, to the mattress industry, upholstery, laminating, load securing and other applications.

Equipment and accessories for wide spray application for large-area bonding with hotmelt adhesive

Reka Klebetechnik has developed special accessories for wetting larger surfaces with hand-held hot spray systems. The new spiral nozzle 90° (wide spray nozzle) in combination with the matching wide spray cap enables a spiral spray application in new dimensions. It can be used with both pneumatic spray applicators, TR 60 LCD for hot-melt adhesives in the form of granules, pads or 43 mm sticks and TR 80 LCD for hot-melt adhesives in aluminium cartridges. This means that wide spray application can be realised with both non-reactive and reactive hot-melt adhesives.


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In the video, the newly developed wide spray nozzle and the matching wide spray cap are used with a Reka hot spray system (TR 80 LCD / TR 60 LCD). The area to be wetted with hotmelt here corresponds to the base area of a Euro pallet (120 x 80 cm).


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