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TR 501

With the TR 501 glue gun you can work professionally and even faster. Its slim shape, light weight, detachable cable and powerful heater make the TR 501 the first choice for professional applications.

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Reka Guns for Hot-Melt Sticks: Ergonomic, light and powerful.

Reka glue guns for sticks are light and ergonomic. This makes them a perfect fit for continuous work without fatigue. The long trigger enables the user to dose the amount of glue applied precisely. Additionally, the glue applicator 501 is equipped with a magnetic storing mechanism and come with a metal stand. This way, they can easily and quickly be picked up and put down. The removable cable allows working at otherwise inaccessible areas. The model TR 500 has a built-in electronic temperature regulator which makes it heated up and ready to work within 90 seconds. 125 watts of heating power let it easily master challenging gluing applications with high glue output.

Data Sheet

Data sheet
Device weight 400 g
Power supply 230 V
Power consumption 125 Watt
Electronic temperature control electronic
Operating temperature adjustable, ca. 100-205 °C
LED display Mains connection yes
LED display heating yes
Stand bracket no
Magnetic stand yes
storage shelf yes
Detachable cable yes
Adhesive throughput 1650 g / h (measured at adhesive output in 1st minute after heating-up phase)
Glue stick diameter 11,3 ± 0,2 mm


Here the suitable accessories

Overview of different nozzle tips for Reka glue guns

Nozzles for all applicators


  • Extensive range of nozzles
  • Different application patterns
  • Customized special constructions possible


List of documents to download concerning this product.

Operation Manual TR500, TR501, TR502, TR505

BED EN TR 500 / 501 / 502 / 505

Brochure TR505, TR502, TR501, TR500


Nozzle Range



You have a challenge for us? We solve gluing problems!

Questions about the Applicator?

You have questions about the product, want to get a quote or place an order?

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