solves gluing-problems

The glue gun MS 200 without compressed air

In the packaging industry, tank systems with heated hoses for the automated application of hot melt adhesives are indispensable. Hot melt adhesives can be used to solve many adhesive problems simply and cost-effectively. Hot-melt adhesives combine different materials with little effort, whether as short-term fixation or as a permanent, stable bond. They are used to seal packaging, assemble displays for the point of sale and secure loads for shipping.

Where highly automated processes run, changes must be professionally planned and prepared. In order to fully exploit potential savings, new adhesives that are used must already be effectively pre-tested in order to avoid problems in ongoing production. Scrap produced during start-up of the production line should be reused in the best possible way, i.e. reworked without any problems. For these applications Reka has the solution with the portable and manually operated tank melting gun MS 200. The MS 200 processes the common hot melt adhesives available on the market in a handy and flexible way: granulates, adhesive pads or even 43mm sticks. It is therefore ideal as a supplement to tank systems. For the production of small series and hand samples, the pre-testing of adhesives or the reworking of rejects the MS 200 is the best solution.