solves gluing-problems

Most professional hotmelt processes do not offer a solution for short runs – in most cases it quickly becomes expensive. Reka Klebetechnik can help: With almost 40 years of market experience, the owner-managed family business from Eggenstein is regarded worldwide as an absolute specialist for hot-melt glue guns. Hand samples, a wide variety of packaging etc. are produced more flexibly with Reka guns, free of solvents can be processed quickly and inexpensively – very practical for small series, reworking and testing.

For the packaging industry, the focus is on two devices in particular:

The “MS 200” works without compressed air and thus exactly where the work is required. Various nozzle heads and a free choice of adhesive make the device particularly versatile – for example for small series. The “TR 60 LCD” is also excellently suited for large-area bonding. The spray system enables the application of permanently adhesive hot-melts (PSA) comparable to double-sided adhesive tape.

Reka also offers professional and handy glue guns for processing glue sticks for homework production. Simply browse through our product page.

Caption: TR 60 LCD and MS 200 flexible hotmelt adhesive solutions for the packaging industry.